Ten years later, Plan Be is ready for a look behind the curtain.

On a plane ride home in 2018, that little voice in my head said, “Libby, it is time for you to re-write Plan Be.” She was right. A lot has happened in ten years and like me, Plan Be evolved into something far bigger than a question I use in my business. This time, Plan Be is vulnerable. I held back a lot in the first version, keeping pieces and parts of myself to myself, for fear of being judged. That strategy had a shelf life, and the expiration came due on March 1st, 2017. On that day the universe was screaming my name. “You teach it, but can you life it?” What followed was a painful period of growth and transformation. I was confronted with my own work—could I apply the name it, claim it, and live it part of Plan Be to find my purpose, power, and potential? The answer was a resounding YES! and now I want to share with you how I used Plan Be to grow in my personal life AND my professional life too.

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For the last 22 years I have researched communication and leadership--first as a university professor in the communication studies department at The University of North Texas and later Texas Christian University. In 2004 I started Bravo cc. My team and I work with companies, teams, and organizations who know their communication skills are what make or break their success, but they don't know how to effectively replace their bad habits with proven strategies. Whether it is giving a standing ovation presentation, acing the interview, persuading and influencing others, creating powerful messages for your audience, developing your leadership skills or having a tough conversation--the Bravo cc team is committed to showing you what the research says and then asking "What is the way forward?" We love to share our client's success stories. Have a look around and enjoy!

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Our Topics: Our topics are chosen to meet the needs of our clients who want to stand out in a crowded, complex, and competitive marketplace.

Our team: The Bravo cc team was carefully chosen and crafted to meet the needs of our clients. Each person brings their own strengths and talents to the table. 

Our offerings: Choose from Keynotes, Workshops, Leadership Programs, Coaching and Consulting or Creating Custom Content for your team or organization.



Led by communication expert Libby Spears, Bravo cc is a communication and consulting agency that specializes in leadership topics to move people, teams, and organizations toward success. No matter your industry, profession, educational background, or zodiac sign, your ability to communicate who you are, what you do, and why it matters will be the key to your success. Period. All of our topics are a RELEVANT, REALISTIC and a RULE BREAKING look at the issues and challenges that come with the life of a professional who is going to do BIG things. 


Using keynotes, workshops, retreats, coaching, consulting projects and the creation of custom content, we do communication and leadership better than anyone else. No matter the delivery method, we change people's outcomes for the better. You will be smarter, more confident, and able to translate learning into doing after you work with Bravo cc. Whether you want to polish up those rough edges of your leadership style, improve your public speaking and storytelling skills, or develop a leadership brand that people will notice, Bravo cc will deliver.  


You must be able to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas effectively to be successful. No matter the industry or profession you have chosen--you must invest the time to become a great communicator. When you do the work you gain clarity which increases your confidence. And confident people are more successful. The best kind of confidence is not bravado but the real thing--the kind that comes from a place that is authentic. Confident communicators become leaders in their organization. Confident communicators have tough conversations, speak up when no one else will, give better presentations, get the promotion, close the deal and are influential. 

How would you answer these three questions for yourself? At Bravo cc we call this "What do you bring to the table?" and if you are unsure, you need to work with us! With a variety of topics to choose from and delivery methods, Bravo cc makes learning easy and fun. 

“You have completely blown our folks away! I had one manager tell me that he didn’t want to attend the workshop only to tell me later it was the best thing he has ever been to. Wow!”

Maria Kaska, Brazos River Authority


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