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Stronger Together

Stronger together is a series that helps you, your team, and your organization build and lead with a Strengths Mindset. Every month we offer different ways you can show up in our community of strengths minded leaders and invest in your own learning, growing, and transforming.

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Here’s a few cool things you should know about

Clifton Strengths:


1. 23,097,545 people have taken the Clifton Strengths Assessment as of 2020.


2. The assessment measures the presence of talents in 34 general areas referred to as "themes." Talents are ways in which we naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals, and they serve as the foundation of strengths development.


3. Clifton Strengths works from the belief that we should use a STRENGTHS mindset (get gooder at what we are already good at. Sorry English teachers and grammarians!) versus trying to “fix what is wrong with us.


4. You can learn to move your talents into the strengths zone through focus and investing time and energy. The BEST way to do that is to take the assessment and work with a certified coach to show you how to do this work!


5. People who focus on strengths are 3x more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and 6x more likely to be engaged on the job.


6. When a TEAM focuses on strengths every day, their are 12.5% more productive than other teams.


7. Managers who focus on strengths have a 61% engaged rate among their team with only 38% reporting that are not engaged and a mere 1% that is actively disengaged.


Did I build a case for Strengths?

Yep! Now let’s talk about how you can work with me to make strengths a reality.

I offer a variety of topics and delivery options for learning about strengths. First, my custom Clifton Strengths topics. Choose from:

1. Start with Strengths: Find your Power, Purpose, and Potential with Clifton Strengths

2. Team with Strengths: Build a High Performance Team with Clifton Strengths

3. Lead with Strengths: Define your leadership style with Clifton Strengths

4. Manage with Strengths: Manage your team with Clifton Strengths

5. The Strengths Based Culture: Design your organization’s culture with Clifton Strengths

Now, choose your

Delivery Method

1. Workshop (half day, full day, and two or three day options available) CLICK HERE

2. Keynote (60 to 90 Minutes) CLICK HERE

3. Virtual/Online Workshop or Webinar CLICK HERE

4. Learning Lab CLICK HERE

5. One-on-One Coaching CLICK HERE

6. Retreat for your board or executive team (one or two days) CLICK HERE

No matter the delivery method you choose,

you will...

—Grow Your SELF AWARENESS as you align with your POWER, PURPOSE, and POTENTIAL.

—Will be more engaged, productive, and focused in your personal and professional life.

—Learn new communication and leadership strategies to use in setting goals, facing challenges, and overcoming obstacles.

—Have a deeper understanding and appreciation for your STRENGTHS and how you make a unique offer to your relationships bother personal and professional.

—Generate actionable ideas to LEVERAGE your strengths with INTENTION and INTEGRITY.

—Will be happier. Seriously. As you learn about what makes YOU amazing and wonderful and smart and talented you can’t help but feel the excitement that bubbles up. You have so much to offer! This shift is powerful and you will be happier. Period.

WOW! Gallup research finds the more hours a day you spend using your strengths, the less likely you are to report experiencing worry, stress, anger, sadness or physical pain the day before. Conversely, the more hours per day you believe you used your strengths, the more likely you are to report having ample energy, feeling well-rested, being happy, smiling or laughing a lot, learning something interesting, and being treated with respect.

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