KEYNOTE TOPICS: 60 to 90 Minutes

"What's Your Plan Be?" Signature Topic:

In 2010, over a grande vanilla latte with my good friend, I was told her a story about a client who was struggling. "You know the problem," I told her, "I am their back up plan for when things aren't going well but when they get better they just go back to the way they have always done things. If they just understood who they want to be we wouldn't have to keep doing this."

You see up to that point, my marketing materials all said "When it's time for Plan B." It made sense--most of my clients came to me because they needed help working on their presentation skills because what they had been doing was not working. I was their Plan B.  Clever right?  Eat your heart out Nike!

This conversation + cup of coffee was an epiphany for me. Could I articulate a message that Plan A ("But this is how we have always done things!" leads to Plan B is not working? Is there a systematic approach to finding who you want to Be as a professional,  a team, an organization, a family?   

Today this question guides the philosophy of my business and how I "do life." I love sharing with others how they can find their Plan Be through a series of focused activities. What's Your Plan Be? taps into your strengths while challenging you to also name your limitations and address them in meaningful ways--so that they don't become a liability. What's Your Plan Be? is a challenge to Name it, Claim it, Live it!

Perfect for a conference, convention, or workshop--What's Your Plan Be? is my answer to the conundrum of, "How the heck can I/We stand out in a crowded, competitive, and noisy marketplace?" I am convinced that Plan A thinking ("But I must have a PowerPoint for this five minute presentation!" doesn't work anymore and it's high time businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals like you and me step up, step out, and find the courage to Be!  "What's Your Plan Be?" is also available as a BOOK. Click here to learn more about adding a book purchase for your event.

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  • Doing Time in the Principal’s Office: Life Lessons learned from an extraordinary man, my elementary school principal, Bill Roach.

  • Red Light, Green Light: Musings from a three-year-old and insights into the elusive Work/Life Balance.

  • Lobsters and Leaders: Lessons in growth and transformation.

  • GREAT Leaders are Storytellers: 7 Stories EVERY leader must be ready to tell anytime, anywhere to anyone.

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—BEFORE You Stand Up and Speak: How to Plan, Prepare, and Practice for Your Next Presentation (+Book Offer)

—Stand UP and Speak!: Deliver the Kind of Presentation that gets a Standing Ovation

—PowerPoint Is A Back Up Dancer: It is time to put PowerPoint back in its place and put YOU Front and Center

—You are a Storyteller! Master the ART and SCIENCE of storytelling                                               

—Stop! Hammer Time: Most Speaking is Impromptu. Perfect the Art of Impromptu Speaking to be more successful

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--Talking 'Bout My Generation: Generations in the Workplace should be your BIGGEST strength, not your biggest headache 

--Empowering Emotionally Intelligent Leaders: EQ trumps IQ

--What the What?: Foster a Culture of Effective Communication

--Meet me in the Parking Lot after School: How to effectively Deal with Aggressive People 

--Conversations on Life Support: Manage CriticalConversations with Confidence                        --

--Hear me now, believe me later: Foster a culture of Listening                                                          

--The “IT Factor”: Locate, Name, & Claim YOUR Executive Presence                                                 -

--The Edison Effect: Foster a Culture of Innovation and Creativity

--Step Up & Step Out--Personal Accountability

--Ready, Set, Team: Team Building in Real Time 

--The Frozen Frog: Adaptive Leadership for a Volatile Ecosystem

--Welcome to the Big Leagues!: Manage the transition from Colleague to Boss with ease      

--The Triple Threat: Activate your Power, Persuasion and Influence

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