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Diane joined the Bravo cc team in 2015 as our professional and executive coach as well as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She loves teaching people how to move through fear, gain confidence, clarity, and courage, get results with velocity, break through barriers and ask for what you want and get it. And she is REALLY REALLY good at it too! Her listening skills are second to none and she possesses a rare intuitive ability to ZERO in on the thing that is the thing. Like the real thing, not the surface level stuff, but the real stuff, the hard stuff--those things that are holding us back from true success. 

Diane's style is disarming and she builds trust fast and easily, creating the right environment to speak out loud your BIGGEST dreams. Together, you create a plan to get there. Diane does not hesitate to hold you accountable. She will energize you and keep you focused to find the way forward.  

Meet Diane



Jenny joined the Bravo cc team in 2017 when I invited her to collaborate with me as my research partner on a Generations in the Workplace project. We both share an affinity for this topic and Millennials in particular. It makes sense as we made the college classroom our home for many years--starting at the same time that Millennials were coming to the college campus. 

Jenny is a master facilitator--and that is not a term I use for many people. It takes YEARS to reach this level and for the last fifteen years she has done just that as a college professor, teaching communication studies courses.

She quickly distinguished herself among her peers not just for her facilitating talent, but also her ability to organize, grow, and execute an annual scholar conference at her campus. In 2017 the conference attracted more than 3,000 students and faculty from across the country to share their research.

Jenny has a fierce sense of humor and a Mid-Western sensibility that allow her to quickly connect and get to work--because there are important things to accomplish.

Meet Jenny



Katy’s experience and leadership focuses on empowering team members to create and implement sustainable solutions to every day barriers.  As a Six Sigma Green Belt, she works towards creative solutions that increase organizational efficiencies, streamline complex processes, improve outcomes, and drive growth.  Katy is passionate about ensuring team members understand how their role impacts consumer experiences and the overall success of the organization.       


Katy lives in Rockwall, Texas with her husband and son.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, traveling with friends, and staying active in her community.

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Rachel joined the Bravo cc in 2019 to assist the team in marketing and visual design work. She has worked in marketing and multimedia for the last 13 years in an array of industries including, banking, public education, higher education, corporate, collectibles and more. She has overseen large scale events, managed international marketing campaigns and worked with production companies around the world. 

She works with Bravo CC producing graphics, photography, videography, and marketing materials. She enjoying having opportunities to be creative and to utilize her skillset to bring a visual aspect to a project.  

Rachel has a passion for eduction. She sees herself as a life-long learner and aspires to also help others learn and grow in their endeavors. 

Meet Rachel