EVERY workshop design begins here: There is a wide, Grand Canyon sized crater between knowing and doing. Too many programs miss the mark in that they do not bridge this gap. We not only recognize this possibility, we overcome it in the design and execution of the program. GREAT facilitators understand that content must be relevant, easy to use, and realistic for where you are right here, right now. If you leave the program and are not able to implement what you learned with ease, then the likelihood that change will happen is diminished exponentially. With every Bravo cc workshop you will take note of:

The more complicated and complex the material, the more likely you will not retain the content. Simplicity is the cornerstone to great instructional design. This belief shows up in the schedule, workbook, activities, and slides.

2. A Practical Approach
Today’s professional is overwhelmed and overstimulated by the amount of information in their face all day, every day. Book shelves are overflowing with advise, experts are aplenty, and solutions are often needlessly complex and confusing. What happened to the value of a practical and common-sense solution? We take what is often experienced as abstract and academic and translate it into practical ideas/ solutions/approaches.

3. Art + Science
We know this: GREAT leaders have mastered the balance between art and science of how to communicate. Too many academics get lost in the science of the matter and forget the art is just as important. What does that mean? It means that we will not only consider the research behind our topic, but we will connect those dots to our shared experiences, anecdotes, insights, and wisdom.

4. Brainy
We know how your brain works. We know why that is important. There are ideals in learning environments and a Bravo cc workshop bears in mind how you engage and learn.

5. A Shared Experience
A great deal of learning takes place when the content encourages and challenges participants to consider tough questions, share stories of success and failure, and challenges the participants to reach a new level of understanding and practice. You will be given multiple opportunities to do this throughout a Bravo cc workshop.

6. F-U-N
Work should be fun. Professional development should be to. That does not mean silly hats and goofy games but it does mean that we will enjoy the process of learning how to have a critical conversation. The more you can create an environment where people are relaxed, engaged, and enjoying themselves, the more they are likely to let their guard down and open themselves up to learning and growth.

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