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Learning Labs

Your POTENTIAL is Revealed

You move toward the possibilities of your power and purpose and together these two things show you how much potential you have (and this feels really, really good!)

New Clifton Strengths Learning Lab Opportunity

In our Bravo cc Learning Labs YOU have 

1. Access to weekly learning modules to complete on your own time. You will work with Participant Guide + Videos to watch (we use the Thinkific platform to deliver your Learning Lab) to complete each module.

2. Access to HIGHLY ACTIONABLE Homework to complete with each module to bring clarity to the topic and apply it to YOUR needs.

3. Access to BONUS material including videos and articles to expand your learning.


Add the Bravo cc Learning Lab Community to your purchase and YOU have


4. Access to emerging, established, and executive leaders who are working on the same things. Through sharing and dialogue you find other leaders who face the same challenges. Together, you can find the way forward.


5. Access to emerging, established, and executive leaders. This cannot be overstated— learning from other leaders who come from different industries, professions, and business models is priceless.


6. Access to experts through weekly FB lives who share their expertise, coaching, answer questions, and offer additional insights not included in the modules.

Add a Bravo cc Coaching Package to your purchase and YOU have


7. One-on-One time with a Bravo cc Team Member to explore your personal needs that come up in the lab.


Like what you see?

Your Learning Lab experience puts your leadership development work in your own hands. You don’t have to attend a full day working or a nine month program. Yes, these things are fantastic ways to learn and grow too. But you need a solution that is self directed and we get that. Leadership Development can come in a number of different ways and our Learning Labs are a fit for busy leaders.

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