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Consulting is Telling,

And Sometimes That is Exactly What You Need Most

What is the difference between coaching and consulting? The distinction looks like this. Coaching is a process designed to lead you to find your own answers to your problem. Consulting is bringing in an expert to gather information and offer advice and a plan of action based on what they learned. As an outsider, I courageously ask hard questions and encourage conversations that push you out of your comfort zone in order to grow, transform, and lead. I have the spirit of a troublemaker and rule breaker, for the greater good. This makes for a great consultant.


I bring ideas from other organizations for your consideration. Survey our client list and you see we cover a wide footprint in terms of industry, profession, and business model. This is part of our competitive advantage.

At Bravo cc we offer you a variety of consulting services. These include:

1. Real Time Presentation Development. We build your presentation, develop your slide deck, and practice with the you/the team to work in unison, like a beautifully synchronized swimming team.

2. Change Communication Consulting. Need to roll out a program or message that might be met with resistance? Yeah. That happens in every organization. Things change. How you communicate change is critical to the success of the change. The research is clear, 80% of change initiatives fail. You can’t afford to be a part of that sad and depressing statistic. Let us show you how to do it RIGHT.

3. Strategic Planning. Not gonna lie: Strategic Planning is a beating. It is labor intensive, long, and mentally/physically/emotionally exhausting. In most cases, the team doesn’t want to be there and many times they don’t trust the process because the last strategic plan just evaporated into the ether, never to be seen again. Here’s the deal—your organization must have a picture of the present and future and to do that you need to work with an OUTSIDE FACILITATOR who is is not politically connected to the work. We have a (1) day, SEVEN STEP process to develop your strategic plan that builds in accountability and action from jump street. We don’t leave you high and dry either. We build into the contract check ins over the next 12 months to discuss your progress, trouble shoot, and support your efforts.

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