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Bravo cc is honored to work with school districts
who are striving to lead from a strengths mindset. 

Leader Mindset

Every organization needs leaders who are confident and leverage their strengths everyday. Our program, “Stronger Together” shows you how to build strengths minded leaders who lead with purpose.

Classroom Lecture

Spring Executive Leadership Program

We are launching our Spring Executive Leadership Program soon, and you don’t want to miss out on this limited opportunity! Here is how the program works:

1. Take the Clifton Strengths Assessment


2. 1/2 Day Workshop: Build a Strengths Mindset


3. 1 to 2 Monthly Coaching Calls per person January to June


4. Monthly team meetings (virtual) 90 Minutes to explore strengths in more depth.

The Stronger Together program is just what our team needed. We are creating a shared language to talk about leadership.


- Andrea Fields, Chief of Staff, Duncanville ISD


Hi, I'm Libby Spears and
it is nice to meet you!

I am a certified Clifton Strengths Coach and master facilitator. After ten years in the classroom, I pivoted to working with leaders in organizations who want to go from good to great.

2022 is Bravo cc’s 18th year and in that time our team has helped shape thousands of strengths minded leaders across the world. In the state of Texas, we work with school districts to take the benefits of strengths based leadership and use it to develop your leaders to be led by purpose, feel authentically powerful, and discover and activate their potential. Now more than ever we need strengths minded leaders in our schools. Let’s work together to make this a reality.

Here is what others have to say: 

Typing on the Computer

“Libby I am certain all the staff from George Herbert Walker Bush Elementary left the room motivated and filled with a positive attitude for supporting one another and fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect! Thank you for your message that every kid is a good kid! What a great way to start their year!”



-Erin Carney, CEO Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce


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