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Facilitation is both


I have been facilitating communication and leadership topics for nearly 25 years! I love working with clients who value learning and invests in their people to level up their facilitation skills.This four-day masterclass experience, “The Peer-to-Peer Facilitator”, from Bravo cc is for anyone who facilitates or wants to facilitate.

You learn how to write learning outcomes for adult learners, gather the best content, design the participant guide, create the slide deck, and write a facilitator guide. You learn classroom strategies to engage any audience, how to manage and bring out the best in challenging participants, use story to connect data for better and deeper learning insights, develop activities to create experiential learning, as implement long term learning strategies and measure learning post workshop.

You leave with an ACTIVATE list of items to work on and practice too. Add a COACHING package and give each facilitator the chance to work one-on-one with a master Bravo cc coach to address their specific challenges and goals. In a coaching session, you review materials and your coach offers ideas and edits as well as provides feedback on your delivery style.


Train the Trainer


Master facilitators have mastered the ART and the SCIENCE of learning.

The Course Emphasis:


The topics you choose and how you DESIGN content must account for how the human brain learns and takes in information.


Applying effective design principles exponentially increases LONG TERM learning and

retention of information.


Talking with a group versus talking at them is a better strategy for learning. A talking with

approach is an invitation to learn and acknowledges everyone in the room has their own

insights, experiences, and ideas that can benefit the entire group.


People learn through doing. A classroom should incorporate discussion and activity along with traditional lecture for the perfect learning experience.


You can become a master facilitator with dedication and practice.


Learning can be fun. Learning should be fun.

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