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Custom Content

Don’t see what you are looking for? No problem. First—ALL of our topics are available for purchase. We can customize for your organization (so that it walks like, talks like, looks like all your other learning efforts AND reflects your organizations mission, vision, and values). Want a topic we don’t offer? No problem. We do custom topic development for clients who want to build courses/programs that are “from scratch.” If your topic falls under the umbrella of “communication and leadership” we can do it. And if you don’t mind a little humble brag, we do it better than anyone else. Yikes. We said it. But here’s the thing—we know how to LISTEN to YOU. We don’t pre-fab our content and try to convince you it is custom either. No way. We follow a clear process developed over 16 years to bring your topic to life.

We start with a strategic planning session to “dream” about your course/program. This means getting stakeholders in the room and facilitating a conversation about your topic. We type really fast. Like lightning fast. We ask the right questions and we keep the conversation focused. We identify internal champions to work with the Bravo cc team to troubleshoot and answer questions over the

life cycle of your course/program.


We are ready to ask, “What does the research say?” We start with a broad focus, looking for any and all academic research on the topic. Then we narrow our focus to your industry, profession, and your organization. We run internal surveys (as needed) to make sure we speak to the wants and needs of YOUR people.


We launch the program. After, we give handshakes, hive fives, and hugs. We exchange friendship bracelets. We send the final invoice (we like to get paid!) and we wish each other well. But, we don’t leave you high and dry. We will follow up 30, 60, and 90 days after your launch and make revisions to the content (up to 3 hours of work) as needed.


We beta test the course/program with a group in your organization. The Bravo cc team facilitates and you invite internal team members to do a “train the trainer.” We meet with trainers after and go over the course/program, answering questions and taking good notes.

Next we develop a detailed plan for your course/program and send it to you to “get it blessed” before moving forward.


The development phase comes next and this is where we build the content—Participant Guide, Facilitator Guide, Slide Deck, Narrated Slide Decks, Collateral Materials.


We revise the content based on the beta test and what we learned.

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