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Our clients report that they experience positive changes in not only their professional life, but their personal life as well.

One of the common misconceptions about coaching is that it is therapy or counseling. This is not the case. While therapy and counseling both have value, coaching is distinct. While your coach may use common techniques derived from clinical psychology, coaching is action-oriented and solution oriented. It is a present to future endeavor (whereas counseling and therapy are past to present focused).


To experience the positive outcomes that come from working with a Bravo cc coach, it is important to understand the relationship between you and your coach. This relationship is built on: Commitment to each other, mutual respect, empathy and vulnerability, a willingness to do hard work and at times you may feeling uncomfortable in order to grow and reach a higher level of candor and transparency.


We recommend saving a percentage of your professional development budget for one-on-one coaching. You can only do so much in a workshop setting. The reality is the specific needs of one person may not be addressed in a workshop and there is a lost opportunity when that person leaves the classroom with out anything of value.


We are true believers in the power of coaching for emerging, established, and executive leaders. Coaching is a leading strategy for you to work through challenges, set goals, and tackle obstacles alongside a trained coach who can provide the tools you need to learn, grow, and transform.

“I just finished my first call with my coach and it is the best conversation
I have ever had.”

“Wow! I didn’t expect coaching to really make that big of a difference but it has been as good, and in some cases better, than our classroom time together!”

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