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Leadership Launch Pad

Sustained leadership programming is one of the best retention strategies you can invest in. Professionals tell us that professional development is one of the reasons they stay with their organization. This makes sense. Professionals knows that they must continuously level up. In a competitive job market then, retaining talent should be a top priority. Our answer to keeping your talent is sustained leadership programming.

Our program, Leadership Launchpad, develops up-and-coming leaders in your organization. Ideally suited for the 5 to 10 year professional, this 9 month program provides a life changing experience for your high potential team members who show interest in becoming a leader in your


The program includes SEVEN modules, and covers a wide variety of leadership development topics:

  • The Curious Leader

  • The Courageous Leader

  • The Connected Leader

  • The Credible Leader

  • The Creative Leader

  • The Community Leader

  • The Capstone Leader




Melinda Smith, Engineer

Your experience, presence and knowledge is a vital piece to this program’s success. You bring so much to the program—you are always yourself. Inspiring, witty and well-spoken is a given. But, your ability to expose and unnerve us (in a good way) aids us as we all overcome obstacles. Your ability to coach us along the way allows us to reap the largest gains imaginable. Thank you for that!

Susan LaFleur, Interior Designer

I just had my first public speaking panel at a Design show. I was soooo nervous before we started! I did all the things you taught us and I rocked it. Once I was up there, I was completely enjoying myself and not

nervous. I thought I would have had stage fright with the stage and lights, but I didn't. A large group of people lined up to talk to me after too. Thanks again! I speak wonders about your program.

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