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"Mom you're famous!" my 4-year-old daughter told me as we walked out of the neighborhood Starbucks. "Why?" I asked her. "Because they already knew your order and your name! And like five different people said hi to you as we walked out!" I laughed. "I'm not famous Trinity, that's just great hospitality."


Hospitality comes from the heart, it is those small details that make an experience memorable. When we think of hospitality we often think of the Ritz Carlton, Disney World, Southwest Airlines or our favorite local restaurant, retail store, or the barista at the local coffee shop who smiles when we walk in and calls us by name.


In 2020, the Bravo cc team introduced "The Hospitality High Five", a program designed for our healthcare clients to help them bring the highest level of hospitality to their guests and colleagues, all the time and every time. If your organization is looking to find the leading edge in the marketplace and stand out among your competitors, we believe hospitality is the answer.

High Five Experience

Hospitals have access to robust data; however, understanding how to implement sustainable processes for addressing patient experience concerns is often challenging due to competing priorities.  The hospitality high five puts patients and team members at center stage for creating an exceptional hospitality culture.  Our program is designed to give team members the tools and resources to consistently exceed a patient’s expectations.  The Hospitality High Five program goes above simply energizing your team, it provides the tangible deliverables that ensure their success. 

Doctor and Patient

Why is Hospitality Important? 

It’s well-known in the healthcare industry that patient satisfaction is a valuable tool for competitive advantage and gaining market share; however, information gleaned from the patient’s experience should be used for more than creating brand reputation. 


Savvy healthcare leaders allow the patient’s experience to guide policies and procedures – amplifying the patient’s voice in how we do business.  While management and executives are included in building the program our content and training emphasizes the role and responsibility our front line team members have for creating an exceptional hospitality culture. 


The Hospitality High Five gives front line team members the tools and resources to create an exceptional hospitality culture while ensuring that the focus on creating this culture is sustainable without creating extra items on the to-do list. 


Woman & Doctor


Improves Outcomes

In healthcare we are confident that adherence to standardized procedures result in a reduction of negative outcomes such as surgical sight infections, mortality rates, and other hospital acquired conditions and have invested heavily in ensuring that are clinical practices consistently result in what we like to call good outcomes.  However, what we often fail to realize is that by standardizing not only what we do but how we do it, we run the risk of dehumanizing healthcare. It is imperative that we shift away from the perception that being hospitable is an extra item on an ever-growing list of to-dos or a flavor of the week program pushed down by administration.  How patients choose where they receive care is changing and requires that we shift our focus to embracing a culture of hospitality so that hospitality reveals itself in the way we provide the high quality care patients have come to expect.

Doctor Taking Notes

We Believe:

1. A hospitality mindset for every single guest increases patient satisfaction, improves all around metrics and scores that indicate excellence, and improves patient safety.


2. A hospitality mindset reduces the number of issues that need to be resolved. But when it does happen you can resolve it with confidence.


3.A hospitality mindset for every colleague increases engagement, job satisfaction, morale, and team performance. It improves the recruiting process and helps retain talented team members. 


4. A hospitality mindset is a commitment throughout the organization. It starts at the top and is modeled and reinforced every single day. 


5. A hospitality mindset is the best way to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace. 

Medical Consultation

How is this

We know what you’re thinking….not ANOTHER program to get excited about only for it to be forgotten 6 months later.  But here’s the thing, in order for hospitals to differentiate themselves and realize success, the experiences had by patients and their families must be just as important as quality outcomes.  Here’s where we come in.  Not only are we going to empower team members to consistently provide a culture of hospitality through educational, interactive workshops, we will give them the tools and resources to implement  interventions that will enhance your guest experience and track your successes.  Our philosophy is not to provide another check list or competency, but rather to weave exceptional hospitality into everything we do.  We are committed to your sustainable success.

Faded Sandpaper

Meet Our Hospitality Team


Libby Spears 

For over 20 years, I’ve had the good fortune of building a successful career and business around my two favorite things: Communication and Leadership


Katy Miller

Katy’s experience and leadership focuses on empowering team members to create and implement sustainable solutions to every day barriers. 

Hospital Staff

How Hospitality Improves your Scores

While HCAHPs scores point us in the direction of an exceptional patient experience, it stops at providing the map to get there.  By linking improvements in the patient experience with desired business outcomes, Hospitality High Five enables healthcare organizations to identify the most important drivers of patient satisfaction, measure on-going performance in those areas, and uncover operational insights that drive continuous improvement.  By partnering a hospitality culture with Six Sigma principles, Hospitality High Five empowers team members make meaningful, real time adjustments to their activities and weave continuous improvement and hospitality into their daily work.

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