Clifton Strengths Learning Lab

Join us for our upcoming Clifton Strengths Learning Lab where we transform leaders to be powerful, find their purpose, and fuel their potential using the Clifton Strengths Assessment.

If you hang out with me you will at some point hear me say “the universe is always working on my behalf…”

The first couple of days of covid-19 (as I came to see that this was not something that was going to finish up in a nifty two hour big budget movie production about a pandemic and we were looking at days, weeks, and months)—I PANICKED.


But then I remembered my #4 signature strength: Connectedness and decided to change the way I talked about this thing called a global pandemic. What if this was a time to slow down and be more intentional? What if I could look back in a year and see this as a transformative time where I FINALLY sat down and created this learning lab, something I have wanted to do for a long time but could never seem to find the time? I am a big fan of “what if” as a starting point.


I knew a Clifton Strengths Learning Lab would be a game changer. For 16 years I built a business with workshops, keynotes, leadership programs, and coaching. And I loved every minute of it. Now, I am ready for the next level, an evolution that brings all these years of expertise on communication and leadership + my total belief that Clifton Strengths is the starting point for your development as a leader and I give to you in a learn at your leisure format.

We don’t need a classroom or stage, no need for a projector and clicker. Now, you can capture the power of Clifton Strengths from the comfort of your environment and computer. But you won’t be alone. Not only can you purchase the course, you can also build community with our private FB group and weekly zoom calls to explore the content in more depth.

Hi, I'm Libby

Hello! I’m Libby Spears. For over 20 years, I’ve had the good fortune of building a successful career centered around my two favorite things: Communication and leadership.


Not only do I educate and speak for a living, I have a blast doing it! That’s because if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to connect with an audience in a way that’s game changing and entertaining at the same time. 


I took a chance in 2004 and started Bravo Communication and Consulting, or Bravo cc for short. Today I work with leaders all over the world from across a number of industries and backgrounds, teaching them to be game changers in the marketplace by taking their communication skills seriously. I love what I do and pinch myself daily that I get to work with people who are driven to succeed.

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“I recommend Libby to all my K-12 clients. Libby’s passion and calling to educate is unmatched. From the stage she captivates the audience and leaves them energized. Working with district leaders she challenges them to be courageous. She is a fierce advocate for educators and students.”


Dr. Lizzy Asbury 

Founder, Transcend4  

“Libby is by far the best speaker I’ve heard! She’s engaging, charming, and witty! Her relatable personality opens you up and provides space for you to explore your motivation and ability.”

Joshua Tippy

Texas Health Resources

“I've hired a lot of speakers and the great ones who get the best feedback and make me look good have three qualities... They customize, they entertain and their message has practical, real world take-aways.  Libby checks every box. She knew our audience, drove engagement with fun exercises and presented a substantial message in bite size pieces that one could use right away.

Dustin Cordier

NBAA 2019

What's Your Plan Be 

The new edition launches FALL 2020.

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