"Libby Spears created an atmosphere of engaged learning at Region 10 ESC.  She is able to enlighten and train with humor and knowledge while making all who attend feel comfortable to participate and grow as a learner.  The feedback from all of Libby’s sessions was not only positive, but also thankful to Region 10 for providing such a dynamic trainer who was able to equip the attendees with useful tools as they returned to their workplace". --Lizzy Asbury Region 10

"Libby provided our client a new perspective on their presentation skills and more importantly, the overall objective to their efforts. I saw her work as a key reminder to bring back the storytelling and vision of your project; not facts and figures. Libby modernized our visuals and motivated a team of leaders to share a vision, not a challenge. I would highly recommend her and look forward to our next project!” --Justine Sweeney, Sweeney Media Group

"Libby is very willing to be flexible to meet the client's need. Not only are her proposals outstanding, but her work product is too. That is a rare combination. It is a pleasure to partner with Libby and I would highly recommend her. Libby consistently delivers!"        --Shari Barth, Optimal Training Solutions



"I came to this event specifically to hear Libby speak. My sister heard her at a women’s conference and told me it changed her life.  I had to see for myself!  Libby is an amazing speaker and I can see why she draws such a great crowd.  She is the real deal!” --Linda Howard, Salmon Sims Thomas

"Our attendees were blown away with Libby's exceptional storytelling and take aways." --Renee Garcia, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

"WOW. That sums up my impression of working with Libby. There are people in life who excel at everything they do. “Count-on-able” is an admirable character trait and one that aptly describes Libby. She is a joy to work with and leaves everyone infused with positive energy. You know when you meet her that she is truly interested in listening, learning and giving back. I highly recommend Libby!” --Carolyn Corporon, Vice President Marketing, Sally Beauty

"Libby's creativity and passion for excellence are amazing. Effective storytelling is a cornerstone within the business world, and an area where Libby shines. I appreciate not only her commitment to her craft, but also her involvement and dedication within the community.” --Christina Moore, Frito Lay

"Many of our conference committee members were so impressed with Libby’s presentation at the GMIS International Conference, we invited her to be the keynote speaker at our annual NJ-GMIS Technology Education Conference. She was wonderful on both occasions. Her wit, insightful and connection with her audience kept everyone in room interested and engaged." --Marc Pfeiffer, GMIS International

"Libby is definitely living up to her purpose of being an educator, liberator and entertainer. We had her facilitate the "What's Your Plan Be?" workshop and a Public Speaking workshop for more than 350 students and staff members from UT Arlington. She connected immediately with the audience and they were hooked on her enthusiasm. Everyone gained self-awareness, understood their communication abilities and how to be the voice - not the echo, all thanks to Libby's guidance. We can't wait to have her back for future leadership trainings!" --Kerri Ressl, University of Texas at Arlington


“Your experience, presence and knowledge is a vital piece to this program’s success. You bring so much to the program—you are always yourself. Inspiring, witty and well-spoken is a given. But, your ability to expose and unnerve us (in a good way) aids us as we all overcome obstacles. Your ability to coach us along the way allows us to reap the largest gains imaginable. Thank you for that!” —Melanie Smith, Engineer

“I wanted to personally thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the past 7 months. You are absolutely incredible! I am truly grateful for how inspirational and motivating just your presence is. This will sound cheesy but your words resonated with me every time you spoke. I was in awe in how you were able to reach out and make everything so relatable. The program is truly remarkable and this is only because of YOU! You are the best! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything.” —Scott Rostek, Architect

"I just had my first public speaking panel at a Design show. I was soooo nervous before we started! I did all the things you taught us and I rocked it. Once I was up there, I was completely enjoying myself and not nervous. I thought I would have had stage fright with the stage and lights, but I didn't. A large group of people lined up to talk to me after too... Maybe as I was the only woman up there with Four guys, but I'll take it! Thanks again! I speak wonders about your program. Think the world of you." —Susan LaFleur, Interior Designer