The Justice League: Communication and Leadership is what we do.

You are a reflection of the company you keep--so I assume that means I am smart, interesting, fun, and generous because the Bravo cc team is all of these things and more. As a business owner I carefully and strategically built this team to fill the gaps of where I am lacking. But it was more than that--I looked long and hard to find people who were not just smart. I want to work with people who are generous and authentic. I don't do big egos. I want to collaborate with other people who share my values and are driven to make the world better. I like people who are honest and listen as much as they talk. This team meets this criteria. Their strengths and talents are something to behold and together I imagine us as the leadership training version of the Justice League! 

Get to know them and feel free to reach out and schedule a coffee date!


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Diane joined the Bravo cc team in 2015 as our professional and executive coach as well as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She loves teaching people how to move through fear, gain confidence clarity and courage, get results with velocity, break through barriers and ask for what you want and get it. And she is REALLY REALLY good at it too! It dawned on me over coffee one day that she was coaching me, and I thought we were just having a chat! Her listening skills are second to none and she possesses this rare intuitive ability to ZERO in on the thing that is the thing. Like the real thing, not the surface level stuff but the real stuff, the hard stuff--those things that are holding us back from our own success. 

She coaches in a way that you will be disarmed and come to trust her quickly with your big, scary hard challenges and your dreams and goals too. She will show you the way forward and hold you accountable for showing up and doing the work. 

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Caitlyn's three words: Envision, Engage, Empower

Caitlyn's three words: Envision, Engage, Empower


Caitlyn joined the team in 2015 as the Director of Special Projects. She was an intern with Bravo cc in 2012 after meeting me at a women's conference where I was the keynote. I warmed to her instantly when she told me she was a communication studies graduate student and teaching assistant at The University of North TX, my old stomping grounds! I love Caitlyn's curiosity and tenacity. She is a quick and dedicated learner, ready to tackle any new project that our client brings to us. She loves a good challenge. 

Caitlyn is currently overseeing several research projects, including our latest project on Generations in the Workplace. She is a talented facilitator too and works from Pittsburgh.

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Jenny's three words: Prepare, Practice, Present

Jenny's three words: Prepare, Practice, Present


Jenny joined the Bravo cc team in 2017 when I invited her to collaborate with me as my research partner and co-author of our upcoming book Generations in the Workplace. We both share an affinity for this topic and Millennials in particular. It makes sense as we made the college classroom our home for many years--starting at the same time that Millennials were coming to the college campus. 

Jenny is a master facilitator--and that is not a term I use for many people. It takes YEARS to reach this level and for the last fifteen years she has done just that as a college professor, teaching communication studies courses.

She quickly distinguished herself among her peers not just for her facilitating talent but also her ability to organize, grow, and execute an annual scholar conference at her campus. In 2017 the conference attracted more than 3,000 students and faculty from across the country to share their research.

Jenny has a fierce sense of humor and a Mid-Western sensibility that allow her to quickly connect and get to work--because there are important things to accomplish.

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I am so pleased to introduce you to our new director of marketing, Rachel Tyler.

Rachel joined the Bravo cc team after attending an event where I was speaking. A month later we met for coffee (she's an addict just like me!) and hit it off. She wanted a position where she could activate her keen interest in learning, working on big ideas, and mastering how to market in a frenetic and short attention span kind of marketplace. It turns out that is just the kind of person I want on my team.

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. she hopped one state over in 2016 (I won't make any, "she got here as soon as she could" kind of jokes b/c let's be honest: These jokes are lame). She is totally into coffee, conversation, and the outdoors. That might be why we like to sit outside when we meet up to work. And did I mention she is a Mac girl--as in Macbook? That sealed the deal for me.

She told me, "I want to be a part of a team where I can do the things I am excited about. As a passionate innovator, I look forward to collaborating with others by bringing creative marketing ideas to the table!"

I can totally work with that!

Here's to our future adventures and collaborations--and Rachel making the entire team at Bravo cc look AH-MAAAHZING!