For more than 20 years, Libby Spears has coached people from across the world to elevate their speaking style and be worthy of commanding a stage. She has seen the positive effect that a great talk can have on a person’s career and their success trajectory. 

No matter your profession, title, industry, or business model—your ability to stand up and speak is critical to your success. It does not matter how smart you are, if you cannot share your ideas in ways that resonate with an audience, your smarts go unnoticed or unrecognized.

At the Stand Up and Speak Academy, participants learn to master the Bravo cc process for giving a talk. You will become more confident, courageous, connected, and captivating. The process you learn to plan, prepare, and present your 30 minute talk can be used for all future talks, no matter the occasion or the audience. 

Invest in yourself. If you understand that a talk is a critical skill set that you need to build, this program is for you. 

People who have worked with Bravo cc are the best evidence that the Stand Up and Speak program works: 

“Just now flying home from a great time in Cape Town and wanted to write to express my TREMENDOUS GRATITUDE!!!! I cannot begin to THANK YOU enough for the incredible experience you created for all of us. Your TALENT, amazing efforts, dedication and CARING made Member Led Conversations an incredible, life changing experience for everyone participating. Those ripples you created will continue to grow and spread.  THANK YOU!! I am so appreciative of your helping George share his story. His sessions were packed and there were questions and people still in the room long after the end!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for EVERYTHING!” 

—Dick Simon, Co-founder of the Peace Action Network

“I want to thank you again for your coaching and support to help put my presentation together. It was extremely helpful, and allowed me to focus, refine, and practice on a condensed schedule. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to share my story, and for the support I had to ensure it was delivered in a compelling way.” 

—Josh Workman, P. Eng, Transportation Engineer

“I could not have taken the stage and felt prepared and excited if I had not worked with Libby. Her expertise cannot be overstated. She is so good at what she does and I learned a lot of new things to make my talk a lot better and more impactful than what I had in mind. Wow is all I can say!” 

—Lizzy Asbury, CEO Transcend 4

“Hi Libby, it’s going so well – all the rooms are full.  Everyone who says your name goes, ‘Wow, Libby was really great to work with and informative, and knows her stuff.’  Thanks so much!”

—Kendra Keene, Young Presidents Organization 


How big is the academy? Academy will accept 15 participants so grab your spot before they are gone. For your application to the academy please email Libby Spears at lspears@bravocc.com 

How do I pay for my spot in the academy? You will be invoiced once your application has been approved for the program. You can pay with a credit card. For corporate clients I can invoice you and you pay by check. Checks must be cut before the program starts. 

Can I enroll more than one person? Yes, send me an email for pricing for more than one participant. 

What if I don’t finish? Upon acceptance to the academy you will sign an agreement to complete the 7 weeks. If you do not finish, you are still responsible for paying the total commitment that you signed up for. There are no refunds. If you have an extraordinary situation, I will visit with you to determine if you can join the next academy. With this in mind, it is of the utmost importance that you make this commitment to start and finish the academy. 

How is the content delivered?

—Academy Topic Self Study: PDF slide deck, Narrated Slide Deck, and Participant Guide will be delivered to your email inbox on Wednesdays as a Google Link. You can download the files and save to your computer. You are not allowed to share these files with anyone. They are for your use only. 

—All coaching sessions—group and individual will be delivered through Zoom. You will receive an email invitation with link to the call. You can participate online or on your phone. 

—All group coaching calls will be delivered live and recorded for future use. You will be sent a link within 48 hours of the group coaching call. These calls cannot be shared with anyone outside of the academy.

—For the Academy Private Facebook Group you will simply request to join. You have membership in the group for the duration of the program. At the completion of the program you will be offered the opportunity to stay in the group for an annual fee. 

What if I miss an individual coaching call? You can reschedule an individual coaching call with 24 hours notice. The day of the call, if you cannot make the call you may have to forfeit the call if a reschedule is not possible. Please hold these dates sacred. You are spending a lot of money to invest in your own development. Show up, do the work. 

What if the talk I want to give is longer than 30 minutes? That’s not a problem. You will work on a 30 minute talk for the academy. In your final coaching call, you will discuss how to build out the talk to make it whatever length you need. 

Get ready to for a Standing Ovation!

The Stand UP and Speak Academy is a virtual coaching program designed to build your 30 minute talk over 7 weeks. The final product is a new YOU—confident, courageous, connected, and captivating. These four elements are what you need to become the kind of speaker that can command any stage. 

You will explore 8 topics on your own, join other academy participants for a weekly coaching call, participate in a private Facebook group, and work one-on-one with Libby Spears to Plan, Prepare, Practice, and Present your talk. Each week a new piece of your talk comes together and you master the power of the Bravo cc Stand Up and Speak process. Over time, you internalize the process and cultivate your own style of speaking. Watch as your CONFIDENCE increases exponentially!

Academy Topic Self Study: Delivered to Your Email Inbox on Wednesdays. Includes a PDF slide deck for quick reference, a narrated slide deck, PDF Participant Guide to follow along and take notes. Includes homework assignments to prep before our Monday group coaching call. 

Group Coaching Calls: Scheduled every Monday. 60 Minute Coaching Calls delivered by Zoom. You will have a chance to ask questions and receive coaching. You will benefit from hearing from other academy participants who bring their questions to the call as well.

One-on-One coaching with Libby Spears: Working with Libby, you will build your 30 minute talk piece by piece. Libby will answer your questions, provide feedback and ideas on how to elevate your talk. She will encourage you and push you to level up from your current speaking style. She will challenge you and encourage you to try new things. 

Stand Up and Speak Academy Private Facebook Group: Join the other group participants to share ideas and ask questions. Libby Spears will use this group to share additional content outside of the academy topic self study sessions, group coaching calls, and one-on-one coaching. This is a fun way to connect and extend your learning. Your participation in the FB group is not required but appreciated as it allows us to create community.  


June 5th Topic 1 and 2 delivered to your email inbox: Most presentations suck: Avoid the 10 Deadly Presentation Mistakes, The basics of a great talk, Schedule #1 Individual Coaching Call (30 Minutes)

June 10th Group Coaching #1 7:00pm CST

June 12th  Topic 3 delivered to your email inbox: Audience Analysis: Choose the right content for your audience

June 17th Group Coaching Call #2 12:00pm CST

June 19th Topic 4 delivered to your email inbox: Build Your Talk Script: Structure, Transitions, Content, Introduction and Conclusion , Schedule #2 Individual Coaching Call: Script Review (30 Minutes)

June 24th Group Coaching call #3 12:00pm CST

June 26th Topic 5 and 6: Topic 5: Tell a GREAT Story, Topic 6: PowerPoint is a Back Up Dancer

July 1st Group Coaching call #4 12:00pm CST

July 3rd Topic 7 delivered to your email inbox: Practice and Present Your Talk, Schedule #3 Individual Coaching Call: Before your tape your talk discussion (30 Minutes)

Between July 3rd and 10th: Record Your Talk. Submit by the 10th. I will watch videos between the 10th and 17th 

July 22nd Group Coaching Call #5 12:00pm CST, Schedule #4 Individual Coaching Call: What’s next for you and your talk? (30 Minutes)


Cost of the program is as follows

—One Payment: $5500.00

—Two Payments: Total $6000.00 $3500.00     Upon acceptance into the program . $2500.00     May 15th 

—Three Payments.        Total $6500.00 $3500.00.     Upon Acceptance into the program $1500.00.      May 15th $1500.00.     June 1st