Your Three Words Workshop 2019

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WEBSITE PIC YOUR Three words 2019 Workshop.001.jpeg

Your Three Words Workshop 2019



How you start the year sets the tone for the kind of year you will have. What are you planning for 2019? BIG Things? Are you looking to level up, break through, stop bad habits, start new GOOD habits? No matter your goals, “What’s Your Plan Be?” is the place to begin. In this "What's Your Plan Be?" workshop, I will show you how to choose your three words for the year. These three words will guide your thinking + doing in 2019, giving you a place to work from.

This “learn at your leisure” style workshop gives you the participant guide and narrated slide deck, to complete in your own time and return to again and again. All you need is a pen or pencil and a perfect distraction free spot to sit and learn.

Using a 7 step process, you choose three words and develop a plan to practice a new level of accountability for 2019. 

*This purchase is for individual use only and not intended to be used for teams or organizations. For information on group pricing please contact us HERE

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Get the New Year started by focusing on the right stuff NOW. Your Three Words is our most popular activity in the "What's Your Plan Be?" program and the perfect way to set yourself up success. This workshop includes a full color workshop workbook + narrated slide deck to walk you through the process of finding your Three Words. Your workshop will be delivered to your inbox with a link to the workbook and a link to the slide deck.

HURRY! Special pricing is now until December 31st, 2018.



Led by communication expert Libby Spears, Bravo cc is a communication and consulting agency that specializes in leadership topics to move people, teams, and organizations toward success. No matter your industry, profession, educational background, or zodiac sign, your ability to communicate who you are, what you do, and why it matters will be the key to your success. Period. All of our topics are a RELEVANT, REALISTIC and a RULE BREAKING look at the issues and challenges that come with the life of a professional who is going to do BIG things. 


Using keynotes, workshops, retreats, coaching, consulting projects and the creation of custom content, we do communication and leadership better than anyone else. No matter the delivery method, we change people's outcomes for the better. You will be smarter, more confident, and able to translate learning into doing after you work with Bravo cc. Whether you want to polish up those rough edges of your leadership style, improve your public speaking and storytelling skills, or develop a leadership brand that people will notice, Bravo cc will deliver.  


You must be able to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas effectively to be successful. No matter the industry or profession you have chosen--you must invest the time to become a great communicator. When you do the work you gain clarity which increases your confidence. And confident people are more successful. The best kind of confidence is not bravado but the real thing--the kind that comes from a place that is authentic. Confident communicators become leaders in their organization. Confident communicators have tough conversations, speak up when no one else will, give better presentations, get the promotion, close the deal and are influential. 

How would you answer these three questions for yourself? At Bravo cc we call this "What do you bring to the table?" and if you are unsure, you need to work with us! With a variety of topics to choose from and delivery methods, Bravo cc makes learning easy and fun.