You have a story to tell! Virtual Workshop

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You have a story to tell! Virtual Workshop



Everyone needs to be able to tell a great story and that means investing the time and energy to learn how to do it right. There is a difference between a mediocre story and a GREAT story. In “You have a story to tell” you will learn why story matters, the 7 elements of a GREAT story, how to deliver a story that is memorable, and the kinds of stories you need to be able to tell anytime, anywhere, to any audience. It doesn’t matter your job title: You need to be able to tell a great story.

“You have a story to tell” is a virtual program designed to make you a GREAT storyteller. You will explore a variety of storytelling topics on your own, join other participants for a weekly Q&A Facebook Live session, see EXAMPLES of GREAT stories and share YOUR story with the group in our private Facebook Group. Through this experience you will gain a new confidence and understanding of what GREAT storytellers do better than everyone else. You will enjoy the Private Facebook Group Beyond the program, a place to return to again and again for ongoing learning and development. 

People remember stories far longer than any fact, figure, or statistic. The research trail is long and clear: Story matters. When you master the ability to tell a GREAT story you become a more powerful and confident communicator. The challenge is this: MOST people are not GREAT storytellers. Like anything worth doing, storytelling requires effort and training. You can learn to be a powerful storyteller. I have worked with THOUSANDS of professionals who want to be PERSUASIVE, INFLUENTIAL, and STAND OUT from the crowd. Story is the way!

Every MONDAY in August you will receive in the Private Facebook Group a link to a slide deck and participant guide for that week’s topic. You will complete these on your own (topics are 60 to 90 minutes long) Later that week I will host a FACEBOOK LIVE at 7:00pm CST (please check to see what time this is in your time zone) (10:00am in Australia) to discuss our topic and answer questions. Can’t attend? No worries. These will be recorded and available on in the Private Facebook Group. *Don’t have a Facebook account: Let’s talk. We can deliver to your inbox.

Mark Your Calendar

August 5 Story Matters: What does the Research Say

August 7 FB Live 7:00pm 

August 12 The Elements of a GREAT Story

August 14 FB Live 7:00pm 

August 19 How to DELIVERY a GREAT Story 

August 21 FB Live 7:00pm 

August 26 Build a STORY Library 

*August 29 FB Live 7:00pm (please note this is a THURSDAY)

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