2018 Summer Series

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2018 Summer Series

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For 2018 we developed a Hello Summer series that focuses on topics that every professional cares about. We hear comments like, “I want to become a stand out public speaker and feel more confident when it is my turn to speak”or “I am at a point career wise where I need to start paying more attention to things like executive presence” or “Ugh! I am so frustrated working with these ________________ (Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, or Millennials) and finally “I have heard of EQ but don’t know what it really is—it sounds important. Tell me more” We took these comments and created FOUR series, starting in May that you can do at your leisure.

We know the challenge in finding the time to step away from the challenges of your day-to-day responsibilities to invest in your own learning. This series is designed for the busy professional who wants to do self development at their own pace—and we bet that describes your perfectly.

This “learn at your leisure”approach is perfect for the summer months. Each month we will host multiple Q&A Live Webinars for you to interact with our team and learn more about each topic. 

May: Stand UP and Speak: Be a Confident and Courageous Speaker Today
June: Grow Your Executive Presence-- Master Power, Persuasion, and Influence
July: Talking 'Bout My Generation--Make Generations in the Workplace Your Greatest Strength
August: The HIGH EQ Leader--Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

If you have questions, we have answers:

Q: What can I expect from the content?
Bravo cc takes great pride in our content and our design approach. In three words our “stu ” is: Sexy, Simple, and Engaging. Our content looks and feels like no one else! (It is so gorgeous that we sometimes catch participants writing on their own paper because they don’t want to mess up our handouts!) Our slide decks are beautiful, streamlined, and simple (No bullet points!) Every handout is simple and easy to use, hitting the high points. We think through the “what happens now?” aspect of learning with our famous Bravo cc #Printables that participants can put in their o ce or other space to remind them of what they learned. Finally we reinforce learning with our 7 “Thinks” in 7 days to keep the learning curve in the upward direction.

Q: How long is each module?
Each module is designed to be about 60 to 90 minutes total when listening to the narrated slide deck. Participants can follow along, using the module handout to take notes.

Q: How do I receive my files?
All series files will be available on Google Docs on the day of delivery. Each Wednesday you will receive an email with your content for the week. For example, if you register in April for the June Series, you will get your content starting on the first week of June. (June 6th, June 13, June 20th and June 27th) 

Q: What do I receive with the series?
Each series is made up of individual modules. For each module you receive:

1. Narrated Slide Deck
2. Full Color Participant Handout
3.Bravo cc #Printables to reinforce learning
4. “Thinks” to Do Handout for extended learning

Q: Are there any “extras” available?
But of course there are! We recognize that there are additional components to these series that will bring a higher level of learning and engagement. You can choose to add any of the following to your series package for an additional cost:

5. End of Series Surveys to measure learning and ROI
6. Bonus Calls with Bravo cc team
7. Individual coaching packages
8. Train the Trainer Call(s) 

If you have any additional questions about this series, please contact Rachel@bravocc.com or click here for more information.