Workshops and Programs are a great way to develop leaders in your organization. The opportunity to step away from the day to day challenges of work life into a classroom that lets participants relax and engage around topics that interest them.

Whether you are looking for a one time workshop or leadership program, Bravo cc does it better than anyone else. We being with the question: "What does the research say?" Based on the research we develop a business case for why participants should invest their time and energy to make changes and we offer the question "What is the way forward?" to begin developing new ways of thinking, new ways of being, and new ways of doing. We practice and complete activities that are fun, interactive, and challenging in real time to move from KNOWING TO DOING

We offer a space for participants to be vulnerable and open. One of the upsides of working with Bravo cc is that our facilitators bring an outsiders point of view. We work hard to establish trust and rapport so that participants can freely share and explore new ideas, without the fear of feeling "exposed." Our ability to facilitate discussions is unmatched and we know when to chase the rabbit and when to reel things in.

With every topic we emphasize both STRENGTHS + BUILDING SKILL SETS. 

Strengths are the things you bring into the room that are developed talents. Skill sets address limitations in a way that they don't become liabilities. Together, this focus offers you the opportunity to grow and transform, experience breakthroughs and find your success story. Click here to learn more about a Bravo cc workshop.


Workshops are available as a Lunch and Learn (90 minutes to 2 hours), Half Day Workshop (3 to 4 hours) and Full Day Workshop (6 to 7 hours with lunch break)


Our programs take multiple topics and offer a long term learning experience. Every Bravo cc program is can be customized to meet your needs. 

Leadership Launchpad--our most popular program. Designed for young professionals who are high performers and ready for the next step in your organization. 

The Insomniac Series: Questions that keep leaders up at night--a Seven part series

What's Your Plan Be? Foster a Culture of Confidence --a Ten part series 

One Voice: Combine the voices of everyone to make a beautiful harmony, a Three day leadership experience 

The EQ Advantage: Foster a culture of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders, a Four part series


Building a robust training and development program for your organization requires a lot of energy--time, money, and resources are often in short supply for any organization but they want to do professional development right. Bravo cc offers customized content for your organization. Our packages include full color participant guides, facilitator guides and slide decks, and a Train-the-Trainer for your team. Custom content is affordable and licensed annually.

Your ability to expose and unnerve us (in a good way) aids us as we all overcome obstacles. Your ability to coach us along the way allows us to reap the largest gains imaginable. Thank you for that!
— Melanie Smith, Engineer


"If there is a stage I want to stand on it, if there is a spotlight shine it on me, and hand me that microphone!" I knew from an early age that the stage was like home to me. Luckily, I am not just an entertainer but I educate too. 

A Bravo cc keynote is designed that way. Whether it is me speaking or one of our team members it goes like this: educate first, liberate second, entertain third. It has proven to be a winning combination. My most requested topics include:

  • "What's Your Plan Be?" Name it, Claim It, Live it (Signature Keynote) (+Book offer)

  • Talkin’ Bout My Generation: Four generations in the Workplace Should Be Your Greatest Asset, Not Your Biggest Headache (+Book offer)

  • Doing Time in the Principal’s Office: Life Lessons learned from an extraordinary man, my elementary school principal, Bill Roach

  • Red Light, Green Light: Musings from a three-year-old and insights into the elusive Work/Life Balance (new in 2017)

  • Lobsters and Leaders: Lessons in growth and transformation (new in 2017)

  • GREAT Leaders are Storytellers: 7 Stories EVERY leader must be ready to tell anytime, anywhere to anyone.

I bring a fresh and engaging point of view to the stage and your audience will not just listen to me talk at them while I click a PowerPoint deck. Instead I want to have a conversation. I love to talk to:

  • Events that endeavor to change people's lives.

  • Industry conferences focused on professional development and improving communication skills.

  • Business leaders and executives who recognize the need for top-notch presentation skills and want to learn how to be game changers in their industry.

  • Women's groups that have an emphasis on personal growth and change.

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to compete with million dollar brands and learn tricks, tips, and tactics to be game changers.

  • Industries that serve a unique market demographic and need to better understand how to create messaging that will appeal to this audience.

  • Association members who need ongoing marketing and communication expertise.

  • HR professionals looking for new and innovative programs related to communication issues, such as annual performance reviews, interviewing, team building, motivating team members, and handling critical conversations.

  • Corporate clients who hold sales meetings, marketing meetings, management meetings, and leadership development meetings.

Hands down you are my favorite keynoter. I can listen to you do the same topic 100 times and I get something new out of it every time!
— Erin Carney, CEO, Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce


First a definition. At Bravo cc we approach coaching and consulting from a very specific point of view.

COACHING is a process by which you work with a coach to find your own answers. A GREAT coach has skills and techniques she uses to help you get there. She knows when to talk and when to listen. She uses questions to create breakthroughs and she is not afraid to embrace silence. Using the popular coaching concept G.R.O.W, a coaching package with Bravo cc can transform you in ways you cannot imagine.

CONSULTING is telling. You bring in a consultant because you have a problem/challenge/goal and you want an expert to work with you to solve the problem. Consulting can still be a collaborative process but we see the role of the consultant like the person in the driver's seat. 

We know when to coach.

We know when to consult.

That is what makes us so effective. 

We could not be more pleased with the work Diane has done with our managers. Their feedback has been so positive and we can’t wait to get started with our next group.
— Ashlie Bagley, Safran