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Strengths Learning Lab

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Our next Strengths Learning Lab Launches September 14, 2020

Save Your Spot before the price goes up in September.


Course Only $297 Five Modules/Five Weeks of Learning

Course + Community (FB Private Group) $397

Course + Community + 2 (45) minute coaching calls $597


When you sign up what do you get? Each Monday you receive a narrated slide deck + participant guide in your inbox (60 to 90 minutes). Next, join me and our Strengths Community that Wednesday for a FB Live to discuss what you learned, ask questions, and expand on your insights. 


Course Overview: 

MODULE 1: Introduction to Clifton Strengths—What is it and why does it matter? 

MODULE 2: Understanding Your Report—We will walk through the themes and use fun and interesting activities to expand on your understanding of Strengths. 

MODULE 3: Understanding the FOUR Domains of Leadership: How do your themes correlate with how you lead?

MODULE 4: Name It, Claim It, Aim It: How to use your strengths with INTENTION. 

MODULE 5: Building Your Team, Organization, and Community with Strengths. 


*If you haven’t completed the Clifton Strengths Profile, you will do that outside of this purchase. Go to to purchase the 34 report (this is what I recommend you purchase) or for the Top Five report.

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