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Clifton Strengths Workshop: March 18th

Clifton Strengths Workshop: March 18th


Thursday, March 18TH from 9:00am to 11:00am CST we will meet and talk through how to build a STRENGTHS MINDSET in 2021. Plus a bonus hour from 11am-12pm. 


With your purchase you get:


Two Hours of facilitated learning with Libby Spears, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach on
Thursday, March 18TH from 9:00am to 11:00am CST and a BONUS hour from 11:00am-12:00pm.



A gorgeous full-color participant guide and action plan.


Admission to my Strengths Community Facebook Group
(link shared in our March 18th workshop)


Please note: 

This does not include the cost of your Clifton Strengths Assessment. To get the most out of this experience, you need the FULL 34 report. If you do not have it, please go to: to purchase. If you only have the TOP FIVE report, I encourage you to upgrade to the full report as the course it taught using the full 34 (trust me on this, you will get SOOOO much more out of the assessment when you have the full 34 themes.)


Did 2020 feel a lot like a never ending kick in the pants? I get it, disruption of the pandemic kind tests our agility and resilience like nothing else. But through the tough stuff comes insights, clarity, learning, and the opportunity to see what we are made of.


As we say hello to 2021, what mechanism do you have in place to start the year with confidence? How are you investing in your own development and growing your confidence both personally and professionally? Are you ready to step into greatness in 2021?


May I suggest a strengths mindset for “finding the way forward” in where you find/fuel your purpose, stand in powerful, and expand your potential all year long? That is what greatness looks like!


The Clifton Strengths Assessment, taken by more than 23 million people across the globe, is the formula for naming, claiming, aiming (and in some instances taming) YOUR signature strengths.


Did you know that people who use their strengths every day report they are three times happier in their lives and six times more engaged at work? They also report less stress, anxiety, and frustration.


If that sounds like what you want more of, join me!


Let’s create a community of strengths minded leaders together. 


In this workshop you will work through how to find/fuel your purpose, create more moments where you feel powerful, and leave with a plan to expand your potential all year long. 


Learning together is the best way to do the work! Can't wait to see you. 


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