Clifton Strengths Coaching Package

Clifton Strengths Coaching Package

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One on One coaching is a powerful way to accelerate your personal and professional goals. In my Clifton Strengths Coaching Package you work with me, Libby Spears, to name, claim, and aim your strengths.

This is not a “fix you” experience.

Strengths coaching is about going from good to great by activating your top strengths and using the additional themes to compliment your efforts.

If you are “Strengths Curious” let’s work together. In this coaching package you get (2) 45 minute coaching sessions.

Call Themes:

Name it—We dive into your full report (34 themes) and discuss. This includes coming up with a smart acronym to REMEMBER your top five!

Claim it—Next YOU get to work on claiming your strengths by way of clever activities to get you thinking. You will SEE where your strengths POP UP in your life already and cultivate a “library of references” to talk about your top strengths.

Aim it—Now you are ready to intentionally aim your strengths in your personal and professional life. You will create your personal strengths plan in our final call.

*If you have not completed the Clifton Strengths 34 Assessment, go here:

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