Be A Courageous Leader Coaching Package

Be A Courageous Leader Coaching Package


Stepping into leadership requires intention. How will you lead others? Are you ready to lead? Do you have a vision you will execute and do you know how to get others onboard to help you carry it out? Lots of questions! Leadership brings with it responsibility, that is why the best leaders work with a coach to help them navigate their way through the ups and downs of leading others.

Be a Courageous Leader is a coaching package that helps you figure out the kind of leader you want to be: questions of your values, communication style, strengths and more will be addressed in our coaching conversations together.

You will complete a variety of assessments. After each assessment, a coaching call to address what you learned, tackle the hard questions, and create an activate list based on your insights and aha moments.

Your coaching package includes

  1. Intake Call: Getting to know you
  2. Clifton Strengths Finder FULL report + Coaching Call
  3. The C Factor: A Leadership Communication Assessment + Coaching Call
  4. Bravo cc EQ Multi Rater Assessment + Coaching Call
  5. Johari Window Exercise + Coaching Call
  6. Empathy & Vulnerability + Coaching Call
  7. Your Dinner Party, Naming Your CORE Leadership Values + Coaching Call
  8. Workplace Appreciation Language Assessment + Coaching Call
  9. What do you bring to the Table? + Coaching Call
  10. Activate List + Wrap Up Conversation

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