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Join us for our upcoming

Student Clifton Strengths Learning Lab

where the stage for your success after high school and beyond. Master your strengths and you find purpose, understand your potential, and feel powerful. Join me for a 5-week Clifton Strengths Learning Lab .

We build community for emerging, established, and
executive leaders who want to lead with a Strengths Mindset

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Clifton Strengths will help with:


My student struggles to find their place


My student doesn’t know what they are good at


My student doesn’t know what they are good at


My student has no idea what they want to do for a job/career


My student wants a job/internship during school


My student is stressed out


My student is feeling massive anxiety about the future


My student was super successful in high school but what about college?


My student is hard to motivate

Hi, I'm Libby Spears

founder of Bravo cc and Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach

I LOVE Strengths. It has profoundly shaped me as a business owner, parent, leader, and person. For more than ten years I have used Clifton Strengths to work with leaders at all stages of their development. My formula is simple: Use STRENGTHS to be powerful, find your purpose, and fuel your potential. This work is transformative. I have seen clients in all industries, professions, and business models thrive in their professional and personal lives as they learn how to name, claim, and aim their signature strengths with intention and maximum impact. Do you know what comes easy to you, you enjoy doing it, and you put out an excellent product every time? When you hit the Three Es, your talents emerge. With investment of energy and enthusiasm you can move your from talent to strength. In our learning lab I show you how to do that. Using the 34 Clifton Strengths Assessment you learn, grow, and transform over five weeks.

You leave a confident and courageous leader.

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My own strengths journey started twenty years ago as a college professor. At the time, I remember thinking “Oh cool, these are my signature strengths…” and then moving on with my day. Like many people, I didn’t do a whole lot with my assessment. It wasn’t until I started my company, Bravo cc, in 2004 that I invested the time and effort to utilize the possibilities of the Clifton Strengths Assessment. I started with our signature Leadership Program, Leadership Launchpad. All our program participants completed the assessment and we kicked off with Strengths Finder (now known as the Clifton Strengths Assessment). Every year that followed I saw more ways to apply a strengths mindset to all our topics. In 2020 I took the next step and became a Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach.

I am official.

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"I've learned how to apply my strengths in a leadership setting in order to be a more effective leader, thanks to the Strengths Learning Lab. I am now equipped with the language and skills needed to develop as a leader in both my personal and professional life. I also have a roadmap to guide me when aiming my strengths, and tips for understanding and even taming my strengths. Understanding what I am naturally good at rather than focusing on only my weaknesses has given me confidence and permission to own my strengths! I recommend this lab to anyone wanting to develop as a leader and learn more about how they can harness their natural talents in school, their job or in relationships." - Bradie Armstrong


If you hang out with me you will at some point hear me say “the universe is always working on my behalf…”

The first couple of days of covid-19 (as I came to see that this was not something that was going to finish up in an nifty two hour big budget movie production about a pandemic and we were looking at days, weeks, and months)—I PANICKED.


Like chicken little "the sky is falling” panic.


But then I remembered my #4 signature strength: Connectedness and decided to change the way I talked about this thing called a global pandemic. What if this was a time to slow down and be more intentional? What if I could look back in a year and see this as a transformative time where I FINALLY sat down and created this learning lab, something I have wanted to do for a long time but could never seem to find the time? I am a big fan of “what if” as a starting point.


I knew a Clifton Strengths Learning Lab would be a game changer.


For 16 years I built a business with workshops, keynotes, leadership programs, and coaching. And I loved every minute of it. Now, I am ready for the next level, an evolution that brings all these years of expertise on communication and leadership + my total belief that Clifton Strengths is the starting point for your development as a leader and I give to you in a learn at your leisure format.

We don’t need a classroom or stage, no need for a projector and clicker.

Now, you can capture the power of Clifton Strengths from the comfort of your environment and computer. But you won’t be alone. Not only can you purchase the course, you can also build community with our private FB group and weekly zoom calls to explore the content in more depth.

This is an experience unlike any other.
5 Weeks /4 Modules
You leave with your custom
Name it, Claim it, Aim it
Leadership Development Plan.

What Does The Lab Look Like? 

Module 1 What is Clifton Strengths and why does it matter for you?


Module 2  Understanding Your Clifton Strengths Report


Module 1 zoom conversation/coaching


Module 3 The Four Leadership Domains & The Four Needs of Followers


Module 2 zoom conversation


Module 4 Name it, Claim it, Aim it (tame it)


PART 1 Module 3 zoom conversation/coaching


Module 4 Name it, Claim it, Aim it (tame it)


PART 2 Module 4 PART 1 zoom conversation/coaching


Module 4 PART 2 zoom conversation/coaching

The Labs will start September 14, 2020

The learning lab is just the start. Join our COMMUNITY.

Our Clifton Strengths community expands your experience. You meet and work with other leaders from across the world who work in different industries, professions, and business models. We assemble people of different ages and backgrounds. With the launch of the Learning Lab you are assigned to a team that you work with over the next five weeks. Your cohort supports your experience and becomes a place to dig deeper, ask questions, provide answers, and benefit from the collective knowledge of the group.

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“Tell me more!”

Every Monday you receive your module to complete.

All modules are hosted on Thinkific.

Modules include videos, a few narrated slide decks (very few, this is not a death by PowerPoint experience!) and fantastic activities to complete that help you connect the dots as you Name, Claim, and Aim YOUR Signature Strengths. For our community participants the zoom call is the following Monday. During the week our private FB group will be a place to gather and share articles, videos, and other resources. It is a great place to ask questions and get support from your fellow Lab Partners.




COURSE + COMMUNITY $297 (only 50 available)


AND parent Clifton Strengths Zoom chats for $97.

Are you ready to join us for the launch of our next Student Clifton Strengths Learning Lab?

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