Series One: You've Got Style Baby! Master the Four Social Styles

Launches January 3rd, 2018

“Why did she do that?” or “How do I get this person to raise their performance?” and “My people are not engaged! What do I do?”—sound familiar? Writer and researcher, Daniel Goleman, in his book Social Intelligence, notes that part of our human experience is to “tune in” to one another by building rapport and connections to each other. But, let’s be honest—when you have a number of challenges all vying for your attention, this can feel like one more thing to add to the list. What if there was a methodology you could use to build better relationships with your team, resolve conflict and circumvent misunderstandings? The good news: There is an answer. By understanding the four social styles of your employees, colleagues, leadership, and clients you will feel empowered to lead with confidence and credibility. Social styles determine the how and why of our choices and actions. Becoming fluent in each style creates a deeper understanding of values, motivations, needs and how each style reacts under stress. 

Over time, as you master the four social styles you begin to see that you feel more capable and competent.

When you master the four styles you see the difference in yourself and your team. A socially intelligent professional is successful because he/she knows how to built trust, earn respect, listen to understand, create a collaborative environment and engage with others. As you get better at applying social style research in your everyday experiences you will start to see both personal and professional opportunities come your way! 

 Module One: What is a social style and why does it matter?

Module Two: Master the Four Styles: Social Style Profiles

Module Three: Master Versatility 

Module Four: Social Styles and Leadership

Module Five: Social Styles and Conflict 

January 29th, 2018 Add on: Live 90 minute call from 12:00pm to 1:30pm CST

Series Two: Stand UP and Speak: Master Public Speaking 

Launches February 5, 2018












Your ability to stand up and speak (whether face-to-face or virtually) is critical to your success as a professional. In our highly competitive marketplace, where capturing the attention of any audience is more challenging than ever before—it simply isn’t enough to be knowledgeable on your subject matter. If you cannot communicate your thoughts, ideas, strategies and opinions in a way that resonates, prepare to be rendered obsolete. 

The professionals I work with tell me that hands down, speaking skills are what challenge them the most and as you would imagine, they also report that this is one of the most important skills they need. We all speak in public, why not learn how to do it in a way that people put away their phones, listen intently, and come back for more?

A quality presentation requires a kind of thoughtfulness that we don’t bring to our daily interactions. While incorporating elements of conversational style into your presentation is a great way to start, the art and science of public speaking requires a methodology that appeals to your audience. We can show you how to do this and grow your confidence. 

At the end of the series you will be LOOKING for opportunities to Stand UP and Speak!

Module One: Start with Audience Analysis 

Module Two: Create content that captures their attention

Module Three: Develop a persuasive and powerful structure 

Module Four: Now add Story

Module Five: Practice, Practice, then Practice again

Module Six: Deliver like a Pro

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Series Three: The Triple Threat: Power, Persuasion, & Influence

Launches March 26, 2018














Series Four: The Well Rounded Leader

Launches May 7, 2018


The perfect follow up to Stand UP and Speak, The Triple Threat tackles three areas of professional life that we don’t talk about enough—Power, Persuasion, and Influence. What is it about certain people that they seem to easily sell their ideas and make BIG things happen? Were they born with it? The answer is NO. These “naturals” simply learned that Power, Persuasion, and Influence is a MINDSET you develop and then build proven skill sets to get more of what you want. 

No matter your place in the organization, your ability to influence people to see your point of view is critical to success. “How you show up in a room,” no matter the situation, is a testimony to your triple threat potential. In this series, we assert that your PPI (power, persuasion, and influence) potential is a worthwhile area to work on and build skill sets. To do that, we start with the premise that PPI is not a bad thing. No! It is a GREAT thing, when grounded by a strong sense of ethics and integrity, PPI can be the game changer in any situation.  

You will learn how to name, grow, and activate your power. From there you will master the methodology of persuasion and influence in order to captivate, compel, and capture people’s attention. Learn how to change minds, influence decision makers, and grow your confidence.

Module One: Define PPI, What does the Research Say?

Module Two: Become more POWERFUL

Module Three: Become more PERSUASIVE 

Module Four: Become more INFLUENTIAL

Module Five: Put it all together—The Triple Threat formula

*Add an individual coaching package for participants for a BIG return on investment


The art of leadership is one of the most investigated areas of communication research. Forbes estimates that more than FOURTEEN BILLION DOLARS is spent annual on leadership development! 

Like most areas of human behavior, how we conceptualize leadership changes with the times—as cultural values and beliefs shift and more people are invited to participate in the conversation on leadership, our understanding of what makes for a GREAT leader has evolved (for the better). The “command and control” style of leadership that worked for our parent’s and grandparent’s generation is now “so not cool.” 

Treating our people like a line item labor cost won’t cut it anymore. Our employees and team members don’t just long for a better kind of leadership, they demand it. In this series we tackle the these issues and lay out a vision for a new style of leadership—the well rounded leader. This leader prioritizes her people first, knowing what companies like Southwest Airlines has known for decades: When you put your people first, profit follows. 

Where then do we begin? We offer you FIVE qualities of the well rounded leader that are not luxury but necessity for today’s organization. 

Module One: We need a new leadership paradigm, here’s why

Module Two: Leaders have EMPATHY

Module Three: Leaders are VULNERABLE 

Module Four: Leaders LISTEN

Module Five: Leaders ENGAGE

Module Six: Leaders MOTIVATE

June 18, 2018 Add on: Live 90 minute call from 12:00pm to 1:30pm CST